"La Inspiración del vivir centrado en el sentido en diversas disciplinas, culturas y sabiduría de antiguas tradiciones"

Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy

Box 15211, Abilene, Texas 79698-5211, USA | Telephone: (325) 692-9597 | Fax: (325) 692-9188

President: Robert C. Barnes, PhD


Ofrece dos modalidades de Credencial: Diplomado Clínico en Logoterapia y

Diplomado como Consejero-Educador en Logoterapia.

Son miembros de la Facultad los distinguidos Profesores:

Robert C. Barnes, PhD

Stephen J. Costello, PhD (Ireland)

Doreen M. Francis, PhD (UK)
Gina Giovinco, RN, EdD, PhD
Ann V. Graber, PhD
Rosemary Henrion, RN, MSN, MEd
Manfred Hillman MS (Germany)
Robert R. Hutzell, PhD

Manoochehr Khatami, MD

Rauno Korpi, MEd (Finland)

Mirja Kuutio, MBA (Finland)

Edward Marshall, MD, PhD (Canada)

Maria Ungar Marshall, PhD (Canada)
Ann-Marie Neale, PhD

Susan Pihl, Classical Homeopath (Finland)

Michael A. Pitts, PhD
Marianne da Silvo Prado, Art Therapist (Brazil)
George E. Rice, PhD
Roberto Rodrigues, MD, PhD (Brazil)
Julius M. Rogina, PhD

Stefan E. Schulenberg, PhD

Randy Scraper, PhD

Teria Shantall, PhD (South Africa and Israel)

Irmeli Ivalo Sjolie, DSc (Finland)
Patricia L. Starck, RN, DSN
Paul Ungar, MD, PhD (Canada)

Alexander D. Vesely, MA (Austria)

Raija Volk, Classical Homeopath (Finland)

Paul R. Welter, EdD

Cynthia L. Wimberly, PhD

Michael Winters, PhD

Asimismo el Instituto publica el Forum Internacional de Logoterapia:  Forum Internacional de Logoterapia



The International Forum for Logotherapy:  Journal of Search for Meaning

THE INTERNATIONAL FORUM FOR LOGOTHERAPY is the official publication of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy.  It presents the meaning-oriented existential philosophy and therapy developed by Dr. Viktor Frankl and expanded by logotherapists throughout the world, working in counseling, education, medicine, nursing, psychology, social work, and other fields where the question of meaning becomes pertinent.  The FORUM publishes experiential reports, theoretical papers, personal essays, research studies, innovative logotherapeutic techniques for individuals and groups, and book reviews.  Case studies are released by the subject of the study or dis-indentified prior to publication.
THE INTERNATIONAL FORUM FOR LOGOTHERAPY is published semi-annually in the Spring and Fall.